Blackpink Jennie and BTS’ V

Blackpink Jennie and BTS’ V Dating Rumor Timeline

Have you also heard or read the hot rumors about Jennie from Blackpink and V from BTS possibly dating? There’s a lot of talk, discussion, and assumption going on between their fans!

They have been noticing things between them since 2021 to till date. 

Considering the Instagram incidents and Paris trips, all these suggest that they may be together. But neither of them has said anything about it officially. Still, many fans hope they’ll confirm their relationship soon. Even if they’re not dating, fans are excited about the idea of these two famous K-pop stars being connected in some way. So, let’s find together by shedding light on all incidents and find out what’s exactly going on. 

From Where It All Begins?

It all started on Instagram! In December 2021, The headline just popped up about the incident where BTS star V followed and then unfollowed the Blackpink Jennie. In this action, the fans spread gossip about their purported relationship. When the rumors started getting sparked attention, V took to the Korean fan community platform “ WeVerse,” where he denied and dismissed all claims by blaming Instagram as a Scary App“and asked for a way to get rid of the “recommended friends list.” 

The Sparked Incidents of 2022: A Quick Overview

1. Jeju Island Trip

In May 2022, a photo of BTS’ V on a trip to Jeju Island with someone resembling BLACKPINK’s Jennie surfaced online, sparking dating rumors again. An employee from T’way Air fueled speculation by reporting Jennie and V were traveling together to Jeju Island in business class seats. However, skeptics questioned the photo’s authenticity due to her rumors of being in a year-long relationship with G-Dragon. 

2. Alleged Photo Leak

A set of photos featuring Jennie and V circulated online in August 2022, including a cozy selfie and an intimate pose on Jeju Island. Doubts about their authenticity emerged, with concerns that Jennie’s iCloud storage might have been hacked. Many even stated that it might be a Photoshop picture, so nothing was confirmed!!

3. Jennie’s Agency Response

In October 2022, YG Entertainment, Jennie’s agency, initiated an investigation into the leaked photos and requested a police inquiry. They underlined the harmful impact of the leaks, including rumors, criticism, personal attacks, and sexual harassment against Jennie. Legal action was deemed necessary to address the situation.

After all these three major incidents, the rumors and gossip flew away for a while! But the question is?? Did all end here? Probably not!

Is the Rumored Couple Back Again??

When all the rumors just got the back seat, a new headline with the video started to blow off the internet in May 2023. Because the rumored couple was spotted taking a stroll in Paris, it all started when Jennie was busy promoting her latest show, The Idol, at the Cannes Film Festival 2023. The BTS team also arrived in the city for their Celine brand ambassadorship.

This time, the French photographer Louis Baudin confirmed the news, who clicked the K-pop idols when they were off-guard and shared a message post, “ It was indeed them, “on his Instagram story. He also stated that “due to the unexpectedness of the moment.” the video quality was compromised. On this news, the Journalist Amar Taoualit added the statement, “ Yes, I saw them too! They are Blackpink Jennie and BTS V confirmed.

Wrap Up

All these gossip, rumors, and assumptions are still uncertain as the celebrities or their agency has said nothing about it. Therefore, all fans are eagerly waiting for confirmation whether they are together or not!

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