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What is a Blooket Join – Learn How to use Blooket?

Even experienced teachers often struggle to find fresh internet tools and websites to engage students in classroom study. With the help of the gamified learning platform join, teachers can arrange quiz-style games that students can access on their own devices and take part in. Either pre-existing or custom question sets are available to teachers. There are literally hundreds of ready-to-use pre-built games on a wide range of themes and courses because the existing quizzes are prepared by other teachers and shared on the platform. 

Here, we will try to understand the benefits if you use Blooket Join and everything else. 

Advantages of Blooket


Many of the games allow self-paced students to complete the questions on their own time. Before going on to the next question, they don’t have to wait for a period of time to pass or for everyone to finish answering the previous one.

Different game, identical questions

Every set of questions does not require a brand-new game. As an alternative, you can play a variety of games with just 1 set of questions from your teacher account. Please keep in mind that you can develop these sets yourself or find them using the website’s search tool.

Blooket is Free

This is always very crucial, but we cannot be assured that it will stay that way in the future because more apps and websites may change as their popularity rises. There are no guarantees that it will continue to be free. Account upgrades can already be paid for in a number of ways.


Students compete against one another as a result of the game selections. The game options usually have a chance component, which keeps the players’ interest and makes the competition entertaining.

Simple to use

It is simple to use and allows interaction between virtual and physical pupils. School appears to be extremely different now and can possibly remain this for some time. Teachers are now tasked with not only engaging the children in front of them in school but also those learning from home. This is not an easy task. Blooket allows both of these student groups to interact in a pleasant way while also challenging them to exhibit their knowledge.

What are the uses of Blooket?

The games and quizzes on Blooket Join can be applied in a variety of ways in teaching and learning settings. Listed below are a few applications for Blooket:

  1. Blooket is a self-study tool that allows students to revisit ideas they are having trouble with or to conduct independent study. They can make their own games or play ones that others have already made.
  2. Blooket’s multiplayer functionality can help kids develop a sense of camaraderie and healthy competitiveness. This can be used in the classroom to encourage cooperation and teamwork.
  3. Teachers can utilize Blooket quizzes as an entertaining way to review subjects given in class. When assisting pupils in getting ready for an exam, this might be especially helpful.
  4. Blooket quizzes can be assigned as homework by teachers. In comparison to traditional homework assignments, this might be a more involved way to reinforce concepts outside of class time.
  5. Teachers can utilize Blooket to make sure students are engaged in their studies in remote or hybrid learning contexts. It offers an entertaining and engaging approach for students to learn and engage in class from home.

How to use Blooket? 

Blooket Join’s accessibility is a noteworthy advantage, as participants can simply join games without having a specific code. This option, however, is only accessible for single-player games.

  • Joining a Blooket game is a simple process that requires you to get a unique game code from the game host, teacher, or another participant. To start, ensure you have an account on, and if you don’t, make one.
  • After logging in and registering, go to the Blooket dashboard and choose “Play Solo” from the options menu. Here, you can select the game mode that you want.
  • The game will launch with questions and multiple-choice answers when you choose a game option that appeals to you. Simply click on your selected response to verify that it is correct and to view your score as you move through each question.
  • Blooket allows users to explore numerous game types at their own pace, making it ideal for both leisurely solo play and group games with friends or classmates.
  • When playing with friends, be sure everyone has input the right code before beginning the game. Once the game is started by the host and everyone has joined, players can customise their avatars and team colours in the lobby.

Wrapping Up

Blooket provides enjoyable and informative games that fit a variety of interests, ranging from boosting maths skills to learning history. To get the most out of Blooket Join, include it in your lesson plans strategically. One excellent technique for teachers is to use this learning software as a review tool before an exam or quiz. Students can study information in a fun and engaging way by developing a quiz game that includes key ideas or vocabulary.

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