Johnny Depp’s teeth

Johnny Depp Teeth Before and After

Is there a dentist available for Johnny Depp? Because he really needs a talented one to help him save his teeth.

The Cannes Film Festival is renowned for its opulence and flawless red carpet-moments. This annual cinematic festival occurs in France and draws some of Hollywood’s most prominent stars to its stage. One of those celebrities who consistently grabs the spotlight for positive and negative reasons is Johnny Depp. His presence at the festival was in support of the premier of his latest movie titled “Jeanne du Barry.” The appearance has sparked a dental hygiene debate.
Johnny Depp At the Cannes Film Festival


Film viewers seemed to appreciate and like the film and Johnny Depp’s portrayal of the former King of France, Louis XV. A video capturing his remarkable 7-minute standing ovation made waves on social media. However, it wasn’t his performance that dominated online discussions; it was the apparent yellowing of his teeth that had the entire internet buzzing with questions.

“Are his teeth genuinely decaying?”
“What’s causing them to appear so brown?”
“Could Johnny not use prosthetic teeth?”
These questions and doubts are certainly valid, but all we can rely on for now are images fueling speculation.
His Teeth Before and After – What Happened to His Teeth
Johnny Depp’s dental issues have been a subject of speculation for years, with various factors contributing to their deterioration. Depp admitted to neglecting his teeth for a longer period, as per a 2016 interview. It was also reported that he spent $30,000 monthly on wine, which likely played a significant role.

Wine, known for its high acidity, can harm teeth, leading to enamel erosion and yellowing, especially when consumed excessively.

Johnny also struggled with drug and alcohol addiction, which he openly acknowledged in 2018. This could have made his teeth condition even worse. That is because substance abuse can harm oral health, leading to decay, gum disease, and other dental issues.
His Rotten Teeth and The Artistry of Imperfection
In his conversation with Premiere Magazine, Johnny Depp went on to express his pride in his teeth, stating that he’s “proud” of his gnashers and even claimed to “like” his smile. He compared his teeth to the beadwork created by Indians, emphasizing the beauty of imperfections in their craftsmanship.

He went on: “It’s like when the Indians would make something beaded, they would always put imperfections on it. I’m proud of these.”

It highlighted his unique appreciation for his dental imperfections at that time. However, as subsequent years unfolded, his dental health faced even more challenges due to factors such as substance abuse and neglect, ultimately leading to how his teeth look now!
Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s Trial
Just last year, the prominent actor found himself involved in a significant defamation lawsuit against his former spouse, Amber Heard. The court ruling ultimately sided with Johnny Depp, granting him a substantial sum of $8.3 million in damages.

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