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Man Across The Sea | Latest Album Of Superstar Kanye West

The dry spell finally ended for Kanye West fans with the latest news dropping for his new album “Man Across the Sea.” This news had the Ye army give out a ballistic and thrilled reaction since the last album by the artist dropped in 2019, “Jesus is King.” It was one of the most anticipated albums of the year. Here is all the tea you need to grab on!

How has been Kanye’s life and career?

Well, aren’t we all aware of the unique style of music that Kanye West, aka Ye, makes? His music completely turned the sounds and beats of hip-hop. Born on June 8, 1977, this music sensation was raised by a single mother after the divorce of his parents at the age of 3. He stepped into the industry as a music producer and, in 2004, released his first album called “The College Dropout.” This album was the first step to fame for him. Since then, he has given a total of 10 albums registered in his name till 2023. It’s no shocker for Kanye fans that he holds 21 Grammy awards and has been nominated for 75 more.

Do you know Kanye does more than just music? he’s also into fashion. Of course, who isn’t aware of the popular “Yezzy x Addidas” collection? Ye introduced his own fashion line, DW by Kanye West, in a fashion show in Paris in 2011. You can actually shop for his fashion collection that came in collaboration with Addidas, Balenciaga, etc. Kanye has had multiple relationships, but one bond that highlights is his marriage to Kim Kardashian in 2014. The couple has had three children together and recently been divorced in  2021. As per sources, the reason for the divorce was Kanye’s short temper and affairs. 

Who isn’t aware of Kanye’s mental health and bipolar disorder, one more thing that keeps him in the news is his anger issues, Antisemitic remarks supporting Nazis, and rude behavior, as on VMA, he was seen interrupting Taylor’s speech to praise Beyonce. He has been using “X” to put forward his views, and many of them socially have led him into public fights.

Kanye’s man across the sea

After the release of Kanye’s highly loved album “Jesus Is King” in 2019, fans had been long waiting for him to come up with a new one. There had been one odd single from the artist in these years until now! This year, in February, a rumor took fans in for a surprise when an “X” account user uploaded news with song titles from the upcoming music album by Kanye. Until the release, fans had thought this to be fake. The album was released in May 2023 this year. It had a total of 15 songs, which were

  • Schizophrenia
  • Aggression
  • Dove 
  • Never forgive
  • Existential 
  • Stressing
  • Suicide 
  • Luke’s Interlude
  • Fake friends
  • LA monster
  • You can’t be
  • Domas interlude
  • Praise
  • Rejoice
  • Dear Summer

How have Ye’s fans reacted to his latest album?

Pre-release views

Before the release of Man Across the Sea Kanye, fans discarded the news as a rumor. People went onto the “X” account to publicly state how they thought the news was fake, but they wished his album to come soon. Some even said that even if the news was real, Kanye would still delay the album, or it would get leaked. 


Post-release views

Times Business News, in one of its articles called Man Across the Sea Kanye, an artistic evolution. The media stated that the songs in the album went around themes related to the artist’s life. While some people were all in love with the album. Other sections of the Internet called the music stale and irrelevant. Some even went ahead to state that Knaye was not doing well because of his relationship with Kim and the Kardashian family.

The downfall of Kanye and the “Kardashian Curse”

Since his last release, Donda 2 did not do quite well, people had high expectations from this album. But to their disappointment, the album was average and half-done. Now, what can stop netizens from commenting? Ever since the “Kardashian Curse” rumor has gone viral on TikTok, people have given their constant opinions on the topic and related them to real life.

In a viral TikTok video, Kim and Khloe Kardashian were spotted saying that their ancestor had done a deal with the four witches to achieve immense success for the families’ women. Ever since then the Kardashian-jenners have been successful. While the men in the family fail. Since the divorce of Kanye with Kim, people have speculated this curse is the reason for the downfall.  In an episode of KUWK, Kylie Jenner has also confirmed this information. But no one actually knows whether it’s true or just a rumor!

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