One Punch Man Webcomic

One Punch Man Webcomic: Saitama’s Superhero Saga

Bald, Bold, & Unbeatable!

The Buzz Around the Series

The original Manga One-Punch Man Webcomic was first published in 2009 and received more than 7.9 million hits in June 2012. By April 2020, the manga version had sold more than 30 million copies worldwide, establishing its place among the best-selling manga series in history. 

About the Series

The popular webcomic series “One Punch Man Webcomic” was created by the artist ONE and served as the model for the manga and anime adaptations. The story’s pivotal character, Saitama, is a hero who can defeat any enemy with a single punch, which makes him bored and drives him to look for a worthwhile adventure. 

Despite his enormous power, Saitama encounters amusing obstacles, and the anime parodies superhero clichés while examining existentialism and purpose-related themes. The webcomic’s straightforward aesthetic and sense of humor have won over fans, and its original take on the superhero genre has raised it to stardom in the manga and anime culture.

Plot in brief

Millionaire Agoni formed the Hero Association to fight evil in a world populated by monsters and supervillains on a four-mooned supercontinent called Earth. Saitama, a hero from City Z, is incredibly strong, but he also has a serious case of boredom. Genos, a cyborg seeking retribution, and Saitama meet by chance and form an alliance. Saitama and Genos both join the Hero Association in an effort to get fame, but their paths diverge as Saitama lingers at lower levels despite heroic deeds and Genos rises quickly. 

The extraterrestrial Boros and the formation of the Monster Association increase the dangers. Saitama confronts the mysterious “God” and uses time travel to alter destiny in order to save Garo amid battles and transformations. Only Genos remembers the chaos that is developing as public confidence in heroes fades. 

Saitama gets promoted to A-Class after the Monster Association is destroyed as a result of his victory over Garo. He moves to the Hero Association’s headquarters in A-City after the war that destroyed his flat. The public perception of The Hero Association has significantly declined as a result of their inefficiency. Many heroes and powerful individuals decide to retire or change allegiances to the Neo Heroes, a challenging group that seems better prepared to deal with the growing threat of monsters. The leader of it is Blue, a hero who claims descent from Blast.

Wrapping Up

We all will agree on the increasing popularity of One Punch Man Webcomic because of the hilarious jokes and memes that surface on the internet.  Humorously, it parodies superhero-related material, and that’s why the latest comics continue to excite and please fans today.

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