Yasin Cengiz

Is Yasin Cengiz dead or Not ? Tummy Dancer!

We love hearing stories about the people who rise from scratch and become prominent in the society they live in. One such unquestionable personality is Yasin Cengiz, who became popular after coming from a humble background. It was January 2023 when there were rumors about his death, and folks flooded social media with queries about his health update. This all contributed to his rise as a public personality, and he is currently one of the most-watched SM influencers. Know everything about this Turkish guy by just scrolling through this blog. 

Early Life & Dramatic Start of Career

Born on January 1, 1990, in Istanbul, Turkey,  Yasin Cengiz is an incredibly popular TikTok star these days. This social media influencer is 33 years old and lives in Dubai. Despite being a popularly known personality these days, Yasin has kept his life private. No information about his parents, siblings, or love life is available. 

Before starting his journey of making TikTok videos in March 2021, Yasin did plenty of jobs here and there, but he came into the limelight with his viral belly dance video on the Biser King’s song “Dom Dom Yes Yes.” After this fame, he got the name “Tummy Dancer” due to his signature step of dancing belly. 

Besides making funny videos with strangers, Cengiz has collaborated with TikTok star Eda Yön and well-known Turkish chef CZN Burak. Currently, Yasin Cengiz enjoying his success with over 14.2 million followers on TikTok and 1.4 million followers on Instagram

Death Rumors About Yasin Cengiz

Early in 2023, rumors spread that popular Turkish dancer Yasin Cengiz had died at a young age, causing widespread grief on TikTok. Many of his fans and admirers mourned and paid respect to his ability and contribution to dance on social media. 

However, the audience was relieved after watching the videos Yasin Cengiz posted on his social media, dispelling the claims and verifying his health. Unfortunately, his death rumors again came into existence after a February earthquake in Turkey. 

Some Yasin admirers accidentally shared tribute movies with poignant tunes in July. They posted videos by writing, “RIP Yasin Cengiz.” People believed the buzzes since they were ignorant of Yasin’s official social media handles.

Yasin Cengiz Net Worth in 2023

Cengiz’s most popular TikTok video with Chef CZN Burak amassed over 95 million views in only 7 months. As Yasin started working with companies like Daim Tobacco, he was able to earn much more money than he had while working on the potato farm. 

Several Turkish news portals have reported that he has become a millionaire. It became a reality just because of one song, and now it is anticipated that he has a net worth of $1 million. From a blue-collar worker to a rising celebrity, his story is no less than a milestone. 

The fan following of this tummy dancer is increasing rapidly thanks to the high-quality, funny, and interesting videos posted on his social media platforms. His audience always waits for updates on his online channels. What are your views about this TikTok sensation?

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