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Meet Manti Te’o’s Wife Jovi Nicole- What Their Romantic Relationship Looks Like

The former football player Manti Te’o’s romantic life with his wife, Jovi Nicole, has been fascinating to the fans. It has been about 3 years since their wedding, and their love for each other has grown more while they also welcomed two children, a girl and a boy. 

As much as the sports player’s skills and abilities have impressed the audience, his wife is nowhere behind in influencing the masses with her fitness spirit. Being quite active on social media, they have frequently shared their relationship highlights with their fans. Here’s a peek through their life with each other, covering how it all started and how it’s going.

The Dating Phase Of Manti Teo and his Wife, Jovi Nicole

It all began in 2015 when they started dating and revealed publicly about their relationship. Before dating her, the football player was a victim of catfishing, which was no less than a tragedy in his life. He was actually dating a girl who never existed but was just a fake account made by a guy. The player was made to believe that she died due to leukemia. 

After a tragedy with an unlucky love story, he finally got the love of his life, and they dated for about 5 years before tying the knot for a forever relationship. 

Engagement and Wedding

After a long dating period, they finally decided to get married in 2020. Manti Te’o proposed to her romantically to begin a new journey with her. During the coronavirus pandemic period, they got married in an intimate ceremony. Here is how they shared their wedding new to the world:

Jovi Nicole shared this post with a caption saying that she just got married to her best friend and the love of her life in an intimate wedding, and she is super happy. She also added that the reception is delayed until the temples open. 


Manti Te’o was quite creative and romantic while sharing his wedding pictures with a caption that says: “I couldn’t give you the world, but I think I did better…I gave you my last name, and it looks good on you, Mrs. Te’o.”

The Children 

After turning from Jovi Nicole Engbino to Jovi Nicole Te’o, the couple announced their first pregnancy on 15 June 2021 with an Instagram post:

On 8-12-21, they welcomed their first girl child named “Hiro”. 

The second baby boy, Kyro Aumua Te’o, was born in January 2023

During her pregnancy times, Manti Te’o wife kept her fitness routine and inspired many women to be involved in workouts for health maintenance during this precious and sensitive time.

Both of them are still quite active on social media platforms and keep sharing their lovable moments. Jovi Nicole is extremely dedicated to her fitness and offers workout training to the masses. Her Instagram account is full of her workout sessions.

How’s it going?


This recently shared picture on Instagram by the lady perfectly portrays the romance, love, and happiness in the couple’s life. Their love and appreciation for each other are often regarded as #couplegoals by their fans. They have also recently celebrated their wedding anniversary and little princess’s birthday and shared some moments on Instagram, perfectly showcasing their lovable family.

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