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Who Is Bianca Censori? | Kanye West’s New Wife

Ever since the audience got the news of Kanye West secretly wedding the Yeezy Architectural Designer from Australia, the fans have been going crazy to know whatever is happening in the allegedly married couple. 

Kanye West, now going by the name Ye, has mixed his romantic life with business

Following his previous relations with ex-wife Kim Kardashian and girlfriend Julia Fox, he has now entered a new phase with Bianca Censori. The artist and designer, who has been a part of a lot of controversial statements in the past, made his public debut with Bianca Censori in early January 2023.  

Certain reports suggest that the couple may have also tied the knot in the same month. Since then, the lovebirds have been frequently seen together, even with one of Ye’s children once.

Sensory Overload 

Kanye West’s affection for Bianca Censori seems to be overloaded, and he has left no stone unturned to express it. Another surprising thing that the audience noticed after the alleged news leaked was the wedding ring. Back in January, when news of Kanye West’s new wife first surfaced, it was reported by TMZ that they hadn’t yet gotten a marriage certificate at the time

Kanye West’s New Wife

However, it appears that the news of tying the knot is actually true, as per Bianca, who confirmed herself during a conversation with a TikTok user. This whirlwind romance took off just days after they were publicly seen on a dinner date.

Kanye West’s New Wife

Interestingly, Ye’s track “Censori Overload,” a nod to her last name, had been released in December 2022, suggesting that his interest in her had been brewing for at least a month before their wedding. 


But Who is Bianca Censori – Kanye West’s New Wife? 

Bianca Censori is a Melbourne native and comes from the affluent suburb of Ivanhoe in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Her exact age is not widely known, but a report from The Sun in July 2023 remarked that she is 28 years old and was born on January 5, 1995. 

Kanye West’s New Wife

Bianca’s upbringing has been in Ivanhoe. That’s where they spent most of their time together, and that’s where she introduced him to her family, as per the reports. 

Kanye West’s New Wife

After completing her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Architecture at the University of Melbourne between 2013 and 2020, Bianca Censori assumed the role of architectural designer at Kanye West’s Yeezy fashion brand, according to her LinkedIn profile, potentially marking the beginning of her association with West.

Interest in Design and Fashion

Bianca Censori, Kanye West’s new wife, is not only an accomplished architect but also a passionate entrepreneur with a keen interest in design and fashion. Her business journey started when she was in college and founded her own jewelry company named Nylons. Bianca opened up during an interview in 2016 with i-D, where she talked about her creative process and how one thing led to another. 

Kanye West’s New Wife

She explained how she started with mesh, added crystals, and created elegant, minimalist chokers. She shared, “I started selling those, and from there, it slowly kept growing. Once I started architecture, I still wanted some sort of creative outlet, so I kept making jewelry as something to do on the side, and it grew into a business.”

Bianca Censori

This passion for fashion and design is likely to have played a huge role in her getting to work as the Head of Architecture for Kanye West’s Yeezy fashion brand, where she has been a part of the team since November 2020.

Bianca is not on Social Media!

As the report of them being married has become viral, she has reportedly deactivated her Instagram account. Bianca doesn’t appear to maintain an active presence on any other social media accounts.

Unlike the trend of sharing one’s life publicly on social media, Kanye West’s new wife has chosen to keep a low digital profile, and her absence from these platforms has only made the fans and everyone more intrigued about her. 

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