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Tiny Texie Social Media Influencer and Adult Entertainer : Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Boyfriend !

Some unique social media personalities like Tiny Texie have garnered a remarkable place in the entertainment industry. Being the world’s smallest-height exotic dancer, she has attracted millions of people on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and whatnot. Along with being an SM influencer, Tiny also creates adult content. Her fan following is rising by leaps and bounds every single day. This article will shed some light on the things related to her life, age, journey, and career. Let’s start!

Tiny Texie Eary Life & Height Disorder

The American star was born in a Christian family in Texas on January 25, 1992. Tiny is 31 years old now but looks like a child due to Kenny-Caffey syndrome. This rare genetic disorder leads to small bones, growth retardation, and lack of calcium in the human body. She is only 3 feet 6” in height, which makes her appearance cute and unique at the same time. In spite of being a star now, she still has kept everything private about her early life, parents or siblings. In terms of her personal life, Tiny Texie is a mother to a daughter, but it is not revealed who is the father of the girl. Her daughter has been featured with her in many TikTok videos


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Social Media Journey & Career

Tiny is a former model, and before becoming a sensation on TikTok and Instagram, she also participated in pageants in 2015. Although she took part in reality TV shows like WETV’s Extreme Love show and truly TV show “Love Dont Judge,” but got more recognition with TikTok videos. Apart from her dancing and acting skills, Tiny has an incredible sense of humor that is the cherry on the cake. Even fans love her due to her comedy and confidence. 


Texie is quite active on her social media platforms and continuously updates bold content, which is immensely loved by her fans. At present, she has more than 5 million followers on TikTok and 500K on Instagram. This is the evidence of her popularity and fame that Entertainer magazine from Florida, Inked Magazine, Chicago Tribune, and E! Online featured her on cover pages. This smallest star’s net worth is estimated to be over $2 million as of now. 

Tiny Texie Love Affair with Anastasia Graves

After meeting each other in early 2020, when Anastasia Graves started working as Tiny Texie’s makeup artist, the two fell in love and are preparing to tie the knot. However, this “mixed height” has suffered plenty of hateful remarks since the start of their relationship. In an interview,  Anastasia disclosed that people ask her to choose someone according to her stature. There was an incident when a drink was thrown at her on her date with Tiny Texie. We will always be together, she says. On the other hand, Tiny also calls Anatasia her shield, which protects her from trolls. 

Tiny Texie’s life story is a testimony to her resilience and willpower, encouraging people and fans to value their individuality and never give up on their dreams. She has endured in spite of hate and negativity from others and false beliefs by establishing herself professionally and lovingly caring for her relationship.

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