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Trails Carolina Horror Stories| Dark Stories of the Mountains!

Trails Carolina is a wilderness therapy program in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina for teens who are in trouble. But in recent years, many disturbing Trails Carolina Horror Stories from former participants and their families are coming about the bad things and abuses there. There are accusations of mental and physical abuse in these stories.  

Herein, we will go through some of the scariest stories from Trails Carolina. We will also talk about the program and claims made against it. 

What Is There To Know About Trails Carolina Horror Stories?

Trails Carolina is a camp for troubled teenagers in the North Carolina mountains. While some teens have had a good time there, others have shared scary experiences. They complain about receiving bad treatment from the staff, like being injured, insufficient food, or medical attention. Some got hurt during activities and said the outdoor conditions were dangerous, with risky animals and bad weather.

Many parents fear sending their children to these camps because of these stories, but not all camps are the same. Therefore, examining, researching, and asking questions about all your queries is vital if you think about such a camp. 

The Rising Number of Allegations

One of the most common complaints about Trails Carolina is that its staff members hurt people’s feelings. This includes making threats, being put down, and using abusive language. Previous participants also complained about being isolated from their friends and family and not getting enough food or sleep.

There have also been allegations that physical harm has occurred at Trails Carolina. One past volunteer said that she was punched in the face by a staff member. She had to run till she passed out, according to other people.

Besides being physically and mentally abused, they were also stopped from receiving medical care. One girl claimed she harmed herself while hiking but could not see a doctor. Another person claimed that despite being ill, she had to continue her hike.

Search for the truth:  Investigations are being done 

Allegations of mistreatment and abuse at Trails Carolina have prompted multiple Trails Colrlina investigations. The instances are being looked at by the FTC and the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. 

Multiple former participants and their loved ones have also sued Trails Carolina. In these situations, complainants state that the program was misled about its abilities and acted irresponsibly, resulting in both mental and bodily distress.

Response of Carolina Trails 

The company Trails Carolina has strongly refuted any allegations of abuse and mistreatment. The group says it can help kids make positive life changes in a secure and efficient way.

The charges made against Trails Carolina, however, have caused many to worry about the security of similar initiatives. One in ten schools offering outdoor therapy are now under investigation for abuse or neglect, according to data from the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs report.

Spotlight on Employment Practices

The charges at Trails Carolina have also put a light on the Trails Carolina employment practices and at other outdoor rehabilitation organizations. These businesses frequently employ a large number of people with minimal investment in their professional development. 

Wrapping up

Some teenagers who need guidance could benefit from wilderness treatment. However, you must select a program that is moral and safe. Before enrolling their child in this program, Parents should do extensive research, check Trials Carolina reviews, ask necessary questions about the therapy, staff qualifications, and safety measures.

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